We're inspired by the healers who came before us making a real difference in the future of health. Those include Dr. Sebi, using botanical herbs and extracts to reverse disease. Elegantly Raw Doreet, advocating natural health for everyone. Dr. Robert Morse who is restoring health and vitality through his developed health plan. Along with great holistic medical practitioners such as Llaila Afrika who has studied holistic medicine for over 20 years. These are just a few of many that have made a real impact on how our products are made. They inspire us to produce with care and work towards a healthier future that everyone can achieve

Our Purpose

A family helps, nurtures, protects and provides for each other. We are here to do exactly that. We're here to ensure that you, our family, receives health, wealth and abundance the way the Almighty intended. No added chemicals or unnatural substances. Our products are simple and include only all natural ingredients that seamlessly aid your body in the task of sustaining its wonderful life force. We also provide guidelines on building helpful routines, propelling your mind toward the greatest possible habits suitable to your lifestyle.


Our Products

Female hands applying moisturizer lotion .

Sea Moss Body Butter

Ingredients: Organic wild Sea Moss sourced straight from the ocean in St. lucia, organic shea/coconut butter, essential oils, and Himalayan salt all whipped together, no heat required. 

- mix product in jar thoroughly before use 

- apply body butter to surface of skin with dryness or irritations and massage deeply until all access Sea Moss particals have dissolved into skin. Can be applied 2-3 times a day and at your own discretion. Refrigerate between uses for most succulent feel although not required. 

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Sea Moss Hair Rejuvenation Spray

Sea Moss Hair Rejuvenation Spray

Ingredients: Organic wild Sea Moss straight from the ocean in St. Lucia, spring water, essential oils and no alcohol, harsh parabens or chemicals 

- shake bottle before uses to allow ingredients to mix well.

- apply Hair Spray to roots then, soak into ends of hair generously. Leave in hair for best results as conditioner or style with essential oils as normal. Refrigerate between uses. 

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Sea Moss Gel

Sea Moss Gel

Ingredients (flavored): Organic wild plain, purple or blue Sea Moss from St. Lucia. Massaged, soaked and rinse twice with care. Multicolored. 

- ingest two to three teaspoons in any and every meal or drink. Sweeten with agave nectar or date syrup or savor with spices and seasonings. We recommend injesting as is and add last to any dish or drink in order to preserve all nutrients. Refrigerate between uses. 

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Bundle Up!

Are you looking to try both Sea Moss Body Butter and Rejuvenation Hair Spray? Well try our bundle set of either 4oz or 8oz bottles for buy one bundle get one free of equal value(new customers only). Enjoy a discount on top of your first time deal! Please reach out with comments, questions or concerns about any product. We are here to help even with pricing ~ A closed mouth does not get fed. 

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Set of products for spa Contains oils, creams, lotions and more.

Sea Moss Gel Bundle

Enjoy Journey Two Sea Moss Gel 16 oz jars for a discounted price and buy in bulk for the season. Sea Moss contains the 92 essential minerals everyone needs everyday so put this gel in everything. Two spoon fulls a day keeps any dis-ease away. 

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Juice it up!

apple juice

Fresh Apple Juice

If an apple a day keeps the doctor this amazing and hydrating apple juice will do the trick. 

chilled grape juice on red background

Mossed Up Strawberry & Grape Juice

Sea Moss infused fresh pressed juice, great for energizing and healing. 

Fresh juice of green cucumber over white background

Honeydew & Cucumber juice

All the benefits you could ask for is packed in this juice. Think of Gatorade without the added sugars and harmful preservatives. Two ingredients, all fruit and all delicious! 


Alkaline Sauces

Glass bottle of barbecue bbq sauce lying on its side, composition isolated over the white background

Journey's Sweet Tamarind BBQ Sauce

Delicious sweet and savory tamarind based BBQ sauce. Uncooked and fully alkaline made with tamarind, raw agave, date syrup, liquid smoke, and signature seasonings. 


Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup

No high fructose, No sugar and No harsh chemicals. This one of a kind ketchup is simple yet amazing tasty. With sun dried tomatoes water and our signature alkaline seasoning.

Set of Hot Chili Sauce glass bottles on white background. Different color home made hot sauce in glass bottles. Bottle of chilli sauce and olive oil made with bio eco ingredients. 100ml square bottles

Habanero Heat

This is some heat! Only a few ingredients makes this hot sauce immaculate. Habaneros, water and our signature all herb alkaline seasoning.


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Meet the founders, William McKinney and Dalina Canton


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 Alkaline vegan recipes And Cookbook Coming Soon

Alkaline vegan recipes And Cookbook Coming Soon

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